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January 13


Find A Meditation Style That Works For You

By Harrison Payton

January 13, 2021

Meditation Varies From Person To Person

When we hear the word meditation or mindfulness, many of us have different ideas that come to mind. Some of us may think of a quiet temple in far off lands with monks chanting. Others may think of finding a quiet room in your home where you can find solitude. You may even find your office chair to be your place of meditation. 

In reality, meditation is all these things and all these places. It’s about finding a sense of inner peace and understanding. We’ll discuss below how finding a calm and relaxed state of mind can be done in a variety of different ways. As you’ll see, there is no single best or correct way to meditate.

Current Popular Forms Of Meditation


We’ll start with one of the forms of meditation that most of us have heard about. Zen meditation is perhaps one of the more formal styles of meditation and comes from Zen Buddhism. With Zen meditation, you’ll want to remain seated while practicing very slow breathing. Occasionally mantras, or a set series of words, can be repeated to help one stay focused. This form of meditation is a bit more spiritual than others, so we recommend it if you are looking to find a place of true calm within your soul.

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Progressive Relaxation

This form of meditation is great for beginners and is an easy place to start. As we go through life, we tend to get so wrapped up in what’s going on in our heads, we can forget about how our body is doing. By slowly and consciously scanning each part of your body, you can begin to recognize areas of tension. Only then, can you make a directed effort to easing those tense areas. You’d be surprised how relaxed you can feel once you’ve given your body a full scan. 

Metta Meditation

For those who are looking to gain better control of their emotions and also an elevated state of mind, this form of meditation is a great place to start. The primary goal of this style is to be able to feel a strong sense of kindness towards all things. This even includes people who may anger you. It also is focused on creating a feeling of kindness and love even towards potential stressors in your life by helping you to alter your point of view. Most importantly, Metta meditation was created to support compassion and love for oneself. 

Breath Awareness Meditation

Perhaps the most simple form of meditation, this form is solely focused on having you gain a deeper understanding of your breathing patterns. By being able to control these patterns, you can dramatically reduce stress. When stress is reduced in the body, production and release of the harmful steroid hormone known as cortisol is reduced. Breath awareness meditation is particularly great for beginners, as its singular focus is on breath control.

Tips For Meditation Beginners

One of the most important things any beginner can do with their meditation practices is to go easy on themselves. Many newcomers find it particularly difficult to stay focused on the task at hand, regardless of the style. When you find your mind beginning to drift off, do not get upset with yourself. Instead, gently remind yourself of what you are doing and then get back on track. Your mind wandering is a normal part of meditation. 

mindfulness for beginners | DanuRemember to find a quiet space whenever possible. You’ll want a place where you’ll have few or zero interruptions and distractions. This will enhance your experience and allow you a deeper sense of calm. 

Some aromas may help aid you on your meditation journey, as they can help provide focus on the here and now. Their pleasant scent can aid in reducing distractions. CBD Salves are a great option as they provide calming benefits in addition to their relaxing fragrances like lavender and eucalyptus. 

No matter which style you choose, making a conscious effort to slow your breathing is very important. It can help you focus on meditation and keep your thoughts from racing. 

If something does happen to distract you, don’t let it make you feel like it has ruined your meditation. Simply let it go, and move on with your meditation process. 

Choose a shorter session when starting out. You won’t want to commit to an hour-long meditation on your first try. Start with just 10 minutes. Over the course of weeks or months, you may begin to ramp up your meditation sessions to 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or even a full hour if you have the time. 

A Final Word On Meditation Styles

Whether you should choose Zen, Metta, or any of the other styles, the important takeaway from this blog is to remember to not give up if you have trouble at first. It is natural for us to struggle at first, as meditation is not something many of us are used to. Persist and you will succeed.

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