Danu is more than a CBD company—we’re a wellness brand dedicated to helping you feel your best!

Our origin is deeply rooted in our ancestral roots, giving a nod to our namesake, Danu. She is the mother earth goddess to the Celts who provided wisdom, fertility, wealth, and abundance to her people.

Legend has it, Danu sought a natural remedy that soothes the mind and body like a calming stream. She discovered the remarkable hemp plant and the vast capabilities of CBD. Our connection to Danu is strong, and solidified our mission: trustworthy wellness for all.

Wellness Isn’t a Myth

Our goal from the start has been to create more than a CBD company. We’re fiercely devoted to fostering a lifestyle of wellness, health, and happiness. We believe that the healing power of nature, along with education, can empower you to embrace the life you desire.

Danu's CBD products are sourced from only the highest-quality hemp plants grown with impeccable standards in Colorado. They’re third-party lab tested by an ISO-certified laboratory, providing transparency and peace of mind.

We’ve put everything through our own rigorous testing as well. All our CBD tinctures and gummies taste amazing—just another thing that sets our products apart! The softgels are highly absorbable, and perfect for those who want a measured dose. And our topicals smell heavenly, feel luxurious when applied, and get to work quickly.

Our Promise to You

Above all, we want you to not only be happy, but also appreciate your experience and our products so much that you can’t wait to tell everyone about us!

When you make an order, it ships within 24 hours, and in most cases, arrives within a few days. The moment you unbox your products, we hope it’s love at first sight. We’ve designed our labels and packaging with you in mind, so you’ll never feel embarrassed having our products in your purse or on your countertop. We want to break down the stigma surrounding cannabis products with our natural remedies that soothe the body and mind.

Danu encourages transparency and feedback. Although we hope you have an amazing experience, if you’re ever unsatisfied with a product, we encourage you to reach out to us!

Wellness isn’t a myth. It’s real, it’s attainable, and we can help you be a better you.

We'll send you tips, articles and recipes to help you be the healthiest you can be.

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