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November 19


Anti-microbial Properties Of CBD May Benefit Your Skin

By Harrison Payton

November 19, 2021

CBD And Its Anti-microbial Properties

CBD is a cannabinoid that has anti-microbial properties. As a result, it may be able to help people with skin conditions related to microbial irritation, such as acne and some forms of dermatitis. In this blog post, we’ll explore the anti-microbial properties of CBD and how they can potentially benefit those living with certain skin conditions.

How Is CBD Anti-microbial?

Initial evidence of CBD’s anti-bacterial potential stems from reports from the 1950s. Researchers found that CBD and even THC were bacteriostatic and bactericidal against a panel of various pathogens. In a more recent study conducted by the University of Queensland and a cannabinoid-focused pharmaceutical organization, scientists found that CBD had the ability to destroy an impressive range of bacteria, even strains of bacteria typically considered resistant to traditional antibiotics. In another study done by the University of South Denmark, researchers discovered that patients needed smaller doses of antibiotics to fight off bacteria when used alongside CBD. While research is being increasingly conducted on CBD, initial studies prove very positive and support CBD’s anti-microbial power and potential.

An image of acne on a cheek.
CBD’s anti-microbial properties may be able to reduce skin and acne issues caused by microbes like P. acnes.

How Can Microbes Cause Skin Irritation?

Microbes are often the cause of skin irritation. Microbial cells, particularly bacteria and yeast, can grow out of control on your body if not adequately regulated by its natural microbiome. This results in an overgrowth of skin-irritating toxic microbes. The anti-microbial properties of CBD may help control this imbalance within your skin and destroy certain microbes. This may reduce microbial acne or dermatitis-related conditions.

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CBD Might Benefit These Skin Conditions

It may help some people with acne vulgaris, or common acne. Acne occurs when pores become clogged and inflamed, often caused by an overgrowth of P. acnes bacteria that live inside hair follicles within sebaceous glands. By reducing the prevalence of P. acnes bacteria, acne, and other related dermatitis symptoms may improve. It was also shown that CBD might help fight against drug-resistant strains of Enterococcus faecalis, Streptococcus pneumoniae, and the bacteria Clostridioides.

Topical CBD From Danu Might Be Just What Your Skin Needs

Danu offers premium topical CBD creams and salves that might be beneficial to your skin. It contains potent and pure CBD and its anti-microbial properties and may help reduce the prevalence of certain bacteria on your skin, like P. acnes. Danu’s CBD Topicals are made with organic hemp oil extracted from quality hemp plants (Cannabis sativa) grown in the United States. All of our CBD offerings, including our topical CBD products, are broad-spectrum. This means you won’t have any psychoactive THC included (0.0%). We invite you to take a look at our full range of CBD products, including our CBD topicals and CBD bath bombs.

At Danu, our mission is to help you achieve natural wellness through a premium variety of natural wellness items and CBD that has been third-party lab-tested to ensure efficacy and safety. If you’d like to learn additional information about our CBD and what we stand for, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Danu today!

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