An image of a woman practicing breathing exercises to promote calmness.

October 20


Breathing Exercises To Combine With CBD For Total Calm

By Harrison Payton

October 20, 2021

Breathing Exercises To Promote Your Natural Wellness

Breathing exercises are an ancient yet effective way to calm your body and mind, especially when combined with CBD. If you’re feeling anxious or stressed, breathing exercises can be an effective form of self-care, as well as a powerful tool for meditation. This blog post will discuss three breathing techniques: the breathing exercise from yoga called “pranayama,” breathing diaphragmatically (or belly breathing), and mindful breathing.

Pranayama Breathing Exercises

Sometimes referred to as one of the fastest ways to calm yourself down, breathing exercises are a powerful mental and emotional stress relief tool. Pranayama breathing is an ancient breathing technique that comes from yoga, which helps you breathe more deeply than usual. When done properly, it can help calm your mind and body by stimulating specific areas of the brain that can instill feelings of peace and serenity within you.

An image of a woman practicing breathing exercises.
Breathing exercises aren’t just great for your mental health – they can improve your physical wellbeing too!

Pranayama breathing techniques utilize different breathing patterns such as deep belly breathing or slow breath control in order to achieve their desired effects on the human nervous system (which includes slowing down heart rate). 

Here are a few pranayamas:

Ujjayi Breathing – This breathing pattern involves making a soft hissing or almost snore-like sound while inhaling through the nose with both your mouth and throat open.

Bhastrika Breathing – This breathing pattern involves rapid contraction and expansion of the belly while taking in air, similar to hyperventilation or deep breathing exercises that are performed by singers when learning how to project their voices better.

Kapalbhati breathing – A quick succession of forceful exhalations characterizes this breathing technique through the nose with both your mouth and throat open. It is often used in yoga classes for relaxation purposes. In addition, it helps stimulate critical organs in the abdominal area (like kidneys, intestines, liver, etc.) due to increased oxygen intake into these vital areas of your body.

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Diaphragmatic Breathing

This breathing technique is known as “belly breathing” because it involves deep breathing into the belly while keeping your chest relatively still. Diaphragmatic breathing can help reduce stress by releasing more of the tension that’s stored in your body. In addition, it has been shown to increase feelings of self-control, which allows you to feel less stressed and anxious overall.

Mindful Breathing

Another type of meditative breathing exercise for mindfulness purposes is called mindful breathing. It requires conscious awareness during each breath cycle (inhale or exhale) throughout the entire period when you’re focused on this particular activity. Much like diaphragmatic breathing, mindful breathing may calm anyone who might feel overwhelmed with anxiety about something going on at work, at home, etc.

Support You Breathing Exercises And State Of Calm With CBD From Danu

The breathing exercises that we have covered in this blog post can help you calm your body and mind by releasing more of the tension stored within your muscles or nervous system. While breathing exercises are great for promoting natural wellness, you may benefit from using CBD before or during each session. CBD can potentially reduce feelings of anxiety or anxiousness, so it may further support your body and mind coming to a state of true relaxation during your breathing exercises. Check out our premium, potent, and pure broad-spectrum CBD offerings in our online shop here!

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