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October 20


5 Ways To Stay Active During The Fall And Winter

By Harrison Payton

October 20, 2021

Stay Active During The Fall And Winter With These Tips

As the days grow shorter and colder, physical activity becomes more difficult. It’s easy to stay inside and become sedentary as we wait for spring. But physical inactivity is not healthy – it can cause physical wellness problems like weight gain, mental health conditions such as depression, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), mood swings, and anxiety. It may also bring an increased risk for various illnesses like diabetes and heart disease. In this blog post, we’ll offer five ways you can stay active during the winter season.

Take An Early Morning Or Evening Walk

One of the best and most affordable ways to stay active is by going on a brisk walk. Early morning and evening walks can help you clear your head, reduce stress, and get physical activity before or after work. Walking is also a great way to explore your neighborhood or city, which can help you discover new things about the place where you live.

Research shows that taking a brisk walk can have physical benefits, including reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease. It can also help clear the mind of negative emotions and worries, allowing you to get ready for the day ahead or unwind when it is almost finished. We suggest going on a walk at least three times per week in order to see physical and mental health benefits from this form of exercise.

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Taking a walk or jog is one of the simplest and most effective ways to boost your mental and physical wellness during the colder months.

Join A Yoga Or Pilates Class

Yoga and Pilates are both forms of physical activity that can help you stay active during the winter months. They’re great for building strength, improving balance, increasing flexibility, and reducing stress – all physical wellness benefits that will come in handy as days get colder.

Find A Winter Hobby For The Weekends

Winter is one of the best times to try a new physical activity. Many people enjoy downhill skiing, snow-shoeing, winter camping, or cross-country skiing – any sport or activity you can do outside in the cold.

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Create A Home Workout Routine And Find An Accountability Partner

Consider creating your own home workout routine if you’re looking for physical activity that doesn’t require going out into the cold or paying money to join an exercise class. There are many health and fitness apps available on smartphones these days that can help with this.

In addition, it’s always beneficial to find someone else to hold you accountable for physical activity. This can be a colleague, neighbor, friend, or family member who is also looking for ways to stay active during the winter months.

Enjoy The Snow

When we were young, we jumped at the opportunity to play in the snow almost any chance we could get. As we get older and life’s responsibilities begin to multiply, sometimes we forget about the simpler joys. So why not give a good old-fashioned snowball fight a try with a friend or with grandchildren? Perhaps you can create a snowman more giant and complex than you had ever accomplished as a child. While you’re having all this fun, your body is getting a good workout using a variety of muscle groups. Walking around in heavy snow is also good practice for maintaining your balance!

Keep Natural Wellness At The Forefront Of Your Mind

The physical wellness benefits of staying active during the colder months are numerous. You can improve physical and mental wellness while enjoying something new and challenging. Just remember – if your joints or muscles begin to ache with all this fall and winter activity, CBD Softgels and CBD Topicals may be able to help alleviate pain and inflammation!

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