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October 15


CBD Sensitivity: Why Some People Feel CBD More or Less

By Harrison Payton

October 15, 2021

CBD Sensitivity: Why Some People Feel CBD More or Less

CBD Affects Each Individual Differently

CBD is a cannabinoid that can be found in cannabis and hemp plants. Many people use CBD to treat anxiety, chronic pain, depression, epilepsy, and other conditions. It has been shown how effective it is for treating some conditions when appropriately dosed. However, not everyone reacts the same way to CBD because many factors come into play. This blog will explore why some people may feel more or less of the effects of CBD than others.


The first factor that affects how CBD is absorbed into the body and its efficacy is dosage. If a person takes too little of it, they may not experience any relief from their condition or symptoms at all. You could equate it to trying to light a match in an attempt to see clearly through dark sunglasses at night; no matter how much you try, there may be little to no noticeable benefit. As many doctors recommend with new medications, we take a similar stance on CBD dosage. You’ll want to start low and see how it affects you for the first several days. Then, if you do not reach the desired effect, begin slowly ramping up your doses in increments.

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CBD potency, dosage, an individual’s weight, sleep quality, and other medications may all affect your CBD experience.

Body Weight

The next factor that can affect how CBD is absorbed into the body is weight. As a general rule, people who weigh less may require a smaller dosage than those who are heavier. If you weigh more than some of your friends and family, you may need larger doses. It doesn’t mean you won’t feel any relief from CBD, just not as much as someone else may experience if they weigh less than you do. With CBD, there’s no official serving size per se, but relatively low to medium-sized doses of CBD for most individuals range from 15-50 mg.

Authenticity And Quality

Some people may not experience any noticeable effect from CBD because the product they’re using is either fake or of low quality. This can be a result of purchasing products on the black market rather than those with third-party lab-testing and verification, as well as more reputable in-person dispensaries that you may see around town. If your CBD was abnormally cheap, or the company offers free products and expensive shipping, it may be a scam. Another red flag to watch out for is if the product frequently references hemp seed oil, which is entirely separate from CBD and has no beneficial effects from cannabidiol.

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Other Factors

Your medication and sleep quality/quantity may also significantly affect your body’s reaction to CBD. Little sleep, lots of stress, and a slew of other factors can change how CBD affects your body. In addition, some medications can interact with CBD and may cause undesirable side effects such as drowsiness or dizziness. It is said that if a medication has a ‘grapefruit’ warning, it may have a negative impact on your CBD and prescription medication experience. If you’re taking medication for a condition like this, we highly recommend speaking to your doctor about whether they would prefer you take CBD on its own vs. in conjunction with their treatment plan.

Danu And Our Pledge

When you are searching for CBD that works for your body, and subsequently, a dosage that works for your body, you’ll want to be using trustworthy, safe, and tested CBD. At Danu, all of our CBD is third-party lab-tested to ensure its potency and safety. Additionally, we have a money-back guarantee if you feel the CBD you have purchased from us has not benefited you in any way. All we ask is that you completely finish the product before your return to ensure you’ve waited long enough to see any potential benefits. We invite you to view our full selection of THC-free broad-spectrum CBD products in our store here!

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