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September 10


Bath Time With CBD: The Ultimate Self-care Ritual

By Harrison Payton

September 10, 2021

Taking A Bath Is Great For You, Particularly With CBD

Besides getting us clean, there are quite a few other benefits to taking a bath. Yes, we mean actually getting into a bathtub and not just showering. To many, the idea of taking a bath is associated with relaxation and pampering oneself. However, there are also so many benefits to mental health and natural wellness by taking baths. This is especially true when you add in a CBD Bath Bomb. This blog post will discuss the emotional, mental, and physical benefits of taking a warm bath.

A woman's feet in a bath tub.
When’s the last time you hopped in the bathtub? Bathing can reduce stress, promote circulation, and support brain and nerve health.

The Emotional Benefits Of Taking A Warm Bath

Adding in a bath bomb to your bathing routine is the perfect idea for self-care. There are so many emotional well-being perks to taking a warm bath. It can improve your mood as you let worries melt away in the hot water. Another impressive emotional health benefit to taking baths, especially when you add CBD is that it may help bolster your positive mood and reduce your stress levels. Most importantly, the very act of taking time out of your day to give yourself a relaxing bath is a powerful self-care process that provides an almost immediate boost to your emotional well-being.

How Bathing Impacts Our Mental Health

Not only does taking a warm bath impact our emotional health, but it also has some profound benefits for our mental wellness. Bathing is associated with positively affecting your brain and nervous system. It’s been called one of the most relaxing activities you can do because it triggers pleasure hormones like dopamine and serotonin that help us feel good. When your hormones are in a good state, you know you’re doing mental health good because you’re taking care of your brain and its connected nerves.

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The Physical Benefits Of Bathing With A CBD Bath Bomb

In addition to improving your mood, there are also physical benefits to taking a warm bath. For example, many people experience relief from joint pain by soaking in hot water or adding a CBD Bath Bomb into their tubs. Even if this doesn’t help specific joint pain immediately, a physically soothing activity such as bathing reduces inflammation throughout your body. Furthermore, taking a bath can improve circulation, increase your immunity, and balance hormones. In one Japanese study, researchers found that bathing resulted in less stress, hostility, anger, and tension when compared with showering.

Danu Offers CBD Bath Bombs For Sleep And Relaxation To Promote Your Natural Wellness

One of the most relaxing, restful, and therapeutic things you can do to take care of yourself is taking a warm bath. You might be surprised by how much your mental health benefits from this simple act, but it’s true! Bathing with CBD may also help improve your physical well-being while helping calm down any negative thoughts. If you want to enjoy these emotional and physical benefits for yourself, make sure to check out our premium line of CBD Bath Bombs today!

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