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July 16


CBD For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

By Harrison Payton

July 16, 2021

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome May Benefit From CBD

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful and debilitating condition that affects many people. CBD has been shown to be an effective treatment for pain management in those with carpal tunnel syndrome. CBD can also help to reduce inflammation, which may contribute to the symptoms of this condition. In addition, CBD for carpal tunnel syndrome offers relief without side effects, making it a perfect solution for some individuals. Let’s take a look at what carpal tunnel syndrome is in more detail below.

What Exactly Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the median nerve in your wrist is compressed. This compression causes numbness, tingling, pain, and weakness in the hand muscles. Carpal tunnel syndrome can be caused by a variety of factors that we will discuss below. CBD may provide relief from carpal tunnel symptoms without any adverse effects, making it an ideal treatment option for some people with this condition.

What Are The Causes?

The cause of carpal tunnel syndrome has not yet been determined. Still, many theories about what could cause or contribute to its development include genetics, job-related activities, pregnancy/childbirth, and repetitive motions such as typing or playing video games. CBD for carpal tunnel syndrome may be an effective and natural wellness-focused treatment option that supports your overall integrated health.

CBD For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome — How Might It Help?

CBD for carpal tunnel syndrome may relieve symptoms including pain, tingling, and numbness in the median nerve. CBD is also anti-inflammatory, so it could help to reduce swelling of the nerves, which can contribute to these unpleasant sensations. In addition, CBD is a natural supplement that helps promote wellness without any side effects, and many people report feeling better after using CBD for carpal tunnel syndrome.

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What To Remember When Using CBD For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

A woman gets a hand and wrist brace put on her.
CBD may be able to help alleviate pain associated with carpal tunnel syndrome.

When treating carpal tunnel with CBD, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water as well as following other lifestyle changes such as avoiding stress or emotional triggers that might cause inflammation or worsening your symptoms. Adding more magnesium through dietary sources like leafy greens will also be beneficial because this mineral has been shown to reduce inflammation, and CBD may not be completely effective at managing more severe symptoms or cases entirely on its own.

Support Your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome With CBD From Danu

As we’ve detailed above, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is a painful and sometimes debilitating condition that can affect anyone from manual laborers to computer users. CTS occurs when the median nerve, which runs inside your wrist into your fingers, becomes compressed due to inflammation or swelling in the carpal tunnel area of your palm. The good news? CBD may be able to help! If you’re considering using CBD for carpal tunnel syndrome but don’t know where to start, we have various products that are best suited for this purpose. This includes topicals, softgels, and even CBD tinctures. Check out Danu’s selection of pure and potent CBD oil today!

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