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July 3


Integrated Health Through CBD In Food

By Harrison Payton

July 3, 2021

Integrated Health And Adding CBD In Food

The use of CBD in food is on the rise. Press-savvy food producers are adding CBD to their recipes, and small craft producers have been quick to embrace this trend. The benefits of using CBD in foods and drinks are many-fold: it promotes your health, supports natural wellness, and may even help with weight loss in some individuals. What’s more – there’s a wide variety of ways you can add CBD to your diet without compromising taste or flavor. In this blog post, we’ll explore why improving your integrated health through CBD in food is increasingly appealing for consumers who want a healthier lifestyle that also tastes great!

Why Are More Food Producers Adding CBD To Their Recipes?

It’s clear that some foods have always had certain attractive qualities about them because they’re healthy or calming or provide energy during a time where we need it most. Now, there’s one more reason why many are opting for added benefits of CBD-infused dishes. As CBD has become increasingly popular across the country, food producers are beginning to add CBD to a wide variety of foods. The reason is quite simple; people love CBD! Cooks across the country are including CBD because it adds another positive aspect to foods and drinks people already love. From a certain point of view, it may be seen as a marketing gimmick, but if the effect of CBD genuinely benefits the consumer, we’re on board.

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What Foods And Drinks Are Chefs, Bakers, And Mixologists Adding CBD To?

We’ve seen an increase in the number of food producers adding CBD to their recipes, including those that are small and family-owned. Many cooks who make homemade foods across the country want nothing more than for other people to enjoy them too. They’re looking out for fellow diners, so they make sure there’s as much, if not more care put into every aspect of cooking and preparing these meals. From kombucha to other craft drinks that now include CBD in their recipes, this growing trend has made all sorts of dishes possible. It’s not just restaurants anymore; DIY chefs around you might be adding premium quality CBD Oil Tincture to their favorite dishes. Some of the most common recipes include CBD-infused: salad dressing, pesto, guacamole, brownies, cookies, kombucha, coffee, tea, sangria, and mojitos…the list goes on.

A picture of pomegranates and a bottle of pink kombucha.
Kombucha is a popular drink many craft beverage makers are beginning to add CBD to.

The Benefits Of Adding CBD Oil Into Your Food

The popularity of CBD is growing. More and more people are using it for medical reasons or for relaxing after a long day at work. A few of the most common potential benefits of CBD include the following:

What are some common misconceptions about CBD? 

There’s been a lot of talk around the country, especially in the media. For example, some think that because CBD is derived from cannabis, then you can’t have any without experiencing a psychoactive effect or feeling “high.” This isn’t true! CBD will not produce any feeling of mental impairment. That being said, we always recommend going slow with anything new as your body takes time to adjust to what you’re consuming.

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