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July 2


Food As Medicine: What It Means, How to Start

By Harrison Payton

July 2, 2021

Food As Medicine

What does food as medicine mean? Food as medicine is an important concept that can lead to better health and happiness. When food becomes your medicine, you treat food with the same reverence and care as if it were a prescription from a doctor. This blog post will explore what food as medicine means, how people can benefit, and offer suggestions for how to start treating food like your own personal remedy kit.

What is food as medicine?

Food as medicine is a concept that you can use food to heal, like how pharmaceutical medications are used. Food as medicine encompasses food’s ability to provide sustenance and nourishment for the body. It means to bring balance into someone’s life through diet and lifestyle choices and prevent disease by staying healthy in general (through things such as choosing sustainable foods or reducing inflammation). The concept of food as medicine also means to support natural healing mechanisms of the body when recovering from illness.

An example: Your doctor might recommend you eat more leafy green vegetables because they have folate, preventing infection with some strains of bacteria. Another example is if an individual has diabetes, they should try eating fewer carbs because it will help keep blood sugar levels stable.

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Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring! Check the web for some delicious healthy recipes that support the concept of food as medicine.

The benefits of treating your food as medicine

Food as medicine is practical and be quite flexible. You might not think that food has a direct effect on your health, but it does. The food you eat impacts how well and quickly the body functions. And most of all, eating foods with nutrients helps to keep us healthy. When we first start eating better, our bodies don’t have much time to adjust. As a result, they may experience some adverse side effects such as withdrawal symptoms from sugar or caffeine, headaches, increased bowel movements or constipation, etc… But these are short-term issues that usually resolve over time as our bodies adjust. We need food for energy, and if we’re malnourished, it will affect every aspect of our lives, including school, work, exercise, and our social lives.

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Tips on how to make healthier choices at the grocery store or when ordering out

– Ask yourself, “how will this food help me,” when making food choices.

– Learn to read food labels and understand what they contain so you know if the food is suitable for your needs or not.

– Look for food with a shortlist of ingredients.

– Limit processed food as much as possible and try to eat food in its natural state

– Try to eat food that is locally grown.

Danu Supports Your Natural Wellness And Integrated Health

Thanks so much for taking the time to read through these ideas about food as medicine and treatment options. Hopefully, they helped clarify some misconceptions and offer a few basic suggestions on starting out healthier with food choices! At Danu, we want to ensure that you and your loved ones have access to information and educational resources on integrated health and natural wellness, so be sure to check out the rest of our CBD and wellness-themed blog posts here!

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