A Black And White Photo Of A Man And His Dog Overlooking Lake Superior.

June 25


Luca Von Wigglebottom, The Greatest Dog

By Harrison Payton

June 25, 2021

Luca, The Dog That Inspired Our CBD For Pets

With this blog, we’ll be doing something a bit different than our regular series on natural wellness, holistic health, and CBD. We’re here to showcase and remember perhaps one of the most extraordinary dogs to have ever lived and been a member of a loving family. His name is Luca Von Wigglebottom. This is his story. 

An image of a black and white dog looking at the camera.
Luca Von Wigglebottom

Love At First Sight

Michael, Danu’s founder, has always loved animals, especially dogs, and what they bring to our hearts. When he had the opportunity to visit a humane society in Minnesota, he knew he would be leaving the building that day with a cute furry pal. What he didn’t realize was how special the relationship was that he was about to form. When Michael came upon this beautiful, intelligent-looking hound mix, he knew immediately that he had to choose this dog to take home with him. People usually reserve the phrase “love at first sight” for human interactions, but I think we can all attest to this being true with some of the world’s most incredible canine friends. Judging by how fun and full of energy this dog was, the regal and fitting name of Luca Von Wigglebottom was chosen. Indeed, it was a name only fit for a pup of his unique qualities. 

A Dog That Couldn’t Leave His Owner’s Side

If you’ve ever had a dog, you know that sometimes they need their space to play by themselves. Luca was an exception to this and would jump at any chance to not only be by his master’s side but to play with him at every chance he could possibly get. Luca treasured each moment he spent with Michael. Whether playing outside or hanging around the house with Michael, Mr. Von Wigglebottom was utterly inseparable from his best human friend.

A black and white dog sits in a Jeep.
Luca loved his Jeep rides.

Perhaps one of this pup’s favorite things to do was to ride next to Michael on any car ride, no matter how short the journey. Luca would often lean his beautiful furry face out the side of the open-top Jeep and take in his surroundings. He was especially a fan of nature and was thrilled every time he had the chance to go camping or gleefully play in the Minnesota snow. 

A black and white dog in the snow.
Playing in the snow was one of Luca’s favorite things to do!

A Tennis Ball Fanatic Of Epic Proportions

Most dogs enjoy playing with a ball, and tennis balls are known to be a favorite for many family dogs. Saying that Luca was a tennis ball lover doesn’t do his legacy proper justice. Luca LIVED for tennis balls. He would eat, sleep, and breathe, dreaming about the next moment he could play with his beloved tennis balls (which he went through rapidly). No matter where Luca went, he always had a tennis ball close by and would relish the chance to play catch with Michael. Nowadays, the very sight of a tennis ball evokes fond memories of days past with Mr. Von Wigglebottom.

A black and white dog shakes off water at the park.
Luca was virtually never without his tennis ball.

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We Understand The Importance Of Dogs To Wellness In An Utmost Personal Way

If you’ve ever come across hard times in your life, you know how important it can be to have the love and support of family and friends. A dog gives its love unconditionally to its master and would want nothing more to be with them until the end of time — caring, watching over, and sharing emotions. Dogs like Luca help us endure our most challenging moments but also celebrate our best ones. We want dogs to live long, full, and happy lives, and that’s why we were inspired to provide premium quality CBD Pet Products. We invite you to take a look at our Organic CBD Pet Tinctures for Dogs & Cats, as well as our CBD Dog Chews. The anti-inflammatory and calming properties found in CBD may allow your pet to have a better quality of life while being able to play with those that they love most, carefree. We wish you and your beloved pets many happy days ahead!

A black and white dog stares at a tennis ball in the park.

In Loving Memory Of The Legendary Dog, Luca Von Wigglebottom

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