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June 18


3 Inflammation-Reducing Foods

By Harrison Payton

June 18, 2021

Support Your CBD Use With Inflammation-reducing Foods

If you have purchased CBD before or are currently a regular user, chances are you’ve chosen it for a few reasons. Many people use cannabidiol for stress and anxiety relief. Others use it to help with mood balance and depression. An increasingly popular use among those with arthritis, injuries, or joint wear-and-tear is to use it for pain relief and act as an anti-inflammatory. Potentially inflammation-reducing CBD acts upon your body’s natural endocannabinoid system (ECS) to influence your nerves and how they deal with pain and swelling. CBD works to reduce inflammation, and many people swear by this cannabinoid’s ability to support and relieve painful areas like knees, elbows, hands, and hips.

While CBD may support your body by potentially reducing pain and inflammation, there are also other natural options you may not know about in the world of food. You can help lower inflammation and better support your joints by making good food choices week to week. Today, we will discuss our top 3 inflammation-reducing foods and how each option works to lower your body’s pain and swelling. 

Inflammation-reducing Salmon

Salmon is not only a wonderfully delicious food available virtually year-round, but it also serves as an excellent anti-inflammatory. This is primarily due to the copious amounts of the fatty acid Omega-3 contained within the meat of the fish. As a bonus, Omega-3 also supports healthy brain function. This means you are less likely to develop brain health issues or mental health challenges, as your brain is being fully supported with a critical nutrient it needs to operate properly. In the colder months, we suggest a warm and hearty dish like salmon chowder. In the spring and summer, consider grilling up a salmon with a mango avocado salsa topping. If you like raw fish, salmon sashimi is another truly delicious and excellent way to support your body’s inflammatory response.

An Image Of A Tomato And Salmon Salad.
Try this inflammation-reducing salad with salmon, tomatoes, and olive oil – all mixed for added benefit!


Tomatoes are another essential inflammation-fighting food. A recent study found that tomatoes contain an anti-inflammatory compound called ursolic acid, which can reduce inflammation associated with arthritis and other chronic inflammatory diseases.

The best way to eat them is fresh in salads or slices on sandwiches, but they are also tasty when cooked by adding them to dishes like sauces and or even as a topping like sun-dried tomatoes (perfect for summer).

Olive Oil

Olive oil is also a superb food source that serves as an inflammation-reducing ingredient. Extra-virgin olive oil is the best choice because it contains higher inflammation-fighting antioxidants than other varieties.

It’s a great idea to drizzle some on your veggies and whole grains for additional inflammation protection. You can easily bake it into foods in place of less healthy cooking oils.

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