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April 4


How To Build A CBD-Focused Integrated Wellness Plan

By Harrison Payton

April 4, 2021

What Is An Integrated Wellness Plan?

A wellness plan is any type of program that is created with the goal of helping an individual feel healthier, more grounded, and generally happier. An integrated wellness plan looks at a wide variety of different aspects that can affect your health. When creating such a plan, categories like physical health, nutritional health, and mental health are all taken into account. When creating a wellness plan, either by yourself or with the help of a professional, you’ll want to outline specific steps and goals. This will keep you focused, on track, and accountable. 

Why Should You Look At Creating An Integrated Wellness Plan?

These plans are created with the goal of achieving a heightened state of overall wellness in virtually every aspect of your life. Instead of focusing on just one portion of your life and trying to fix it, an integrated wellness plan works to better the entire you. Since wellness can be defined as being in a state of good health, particularly as an ongoing process, you’ll better be able to assess each aspect of your life and how it may be improved when you develop and execute your wellness plan. 

A great integrated wellness plan focuses on all aspects of your health.
A great integrated wellness plan focuses on all aspects of your health.


One common misconception is that your body and mind are somehow separate. They both affect each other much more than one would think. When your body is struggling with health issues and pain, it’s hard to stay positive. Oppositely, when you’re struggling with anxiety and mental health challenges, it’s difficult to keep yourself in good physical health. When creating the exercise or physical health portion of your integrated wellness plan, you’ll be looking at subjects like weight, fitness goals, smoking, drinking, and sleep. Take each of these topics into account and how you’d like to improve each area with realistic and attainable goals. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself though! When you’re exercising and your body feels a bit achy or fatigued, using a CBD sports cream or CBD salve may help alleviate joint and muscle pain with their anti-inflammatory properties.


How is your nutrition from day to day? The answer may surprise you. If you take note of everything you eat every day for a week, you can begin to see that many of us could use some improvement. This is especially true when it comes to sugar and carbohydrates. You should take note of how certain foods do or don’t make you feel, so you can adjust your weekly nutritional habits. Be sure to jot down the specific amounts you are eating of vegetables, fruits, and whole foods. Don’t forget to add how much water you’re consuming each week. It may be worthwhile looking into functional nutrition. Adding CBD softgels to your daily nutritional plan may help with your gut health by promoting homeostasis and reducing inflammation

Care For Mental Health

Have you thought about how well you deal with stress, or perhaps what level of anxiety you may experience on any given week? When creating the mental health portion of your integrated wellness plan, you’ll also want to make notes on these topics similarly to how you’ve done with the nutrition and physical health components. Take note of what emotions you feel most often and also how you usually deal with them. Can you overcome little disturbances in your everyday life, or do they become overwhelming? Using the information you’ve gathered, you’ll want to plot out how you intend to deal with stress and improve your mental health. Again, set attainable goals, and don’t forget to forgive yourself if you slip up from time to time! Taking a daily dose of your CBD oil tincture or CBD softgels may help support your mood and stress levels. 

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