A CBD-Infused Chocolate-covered Pretzel

March 13


CBD Chocolate-covered Pretzels Recipe

By Harrison Payton

March 13, 2021

CBD And Chocolate. Two things we all love.

In late winter, most of us can agree that we’re fairly tired of the cold and dreary weather. Most of the major holidays are over with and everyone is waiting for spring and summer while huddled inside their homes. Why not make yourself and your loved ones a little something special that is sure to be an instant hit?

In this blog, we’ll be introducing our recipe for CBD chocolate-covered pretzels. We’re all about healing and natural health and wellness here at Danu, but we’d argue that chocolate pretzels are a form of self-care if consumed in moderation. We hope you enjoy our delicious and calm-supporting recipe below.

Danu’s CBD Chocolate Covered Pretzels

First off, we’ll go over which ingredients you’ll need. Just as we recommend our high-quality CBD, we also recommend you look for quality ingredients for the best possible outcome. This includes things like choosing organic whenever possible and selecting ingredients that use no or fewer artificial ingredients.


  • 40 mini pretzels (any brand will do as long as they are fairly small)
  • 2 teaspoons of vegetable shortening
  • 10 ounces of semisweet chocolate chips (look for higher quality chocolate brands when possible)
  • Decorations: White chocolate bits, sprinkles, or even sesame seeds

Makes 4 Servings.

Can't You Almost Taste The CBD Chocolate Through Your Screen?
Can’t You Almost Taste The CBD Chocolate Through Your Screen?


The Mix

Mince or chop up the chocolate chips until there are no more large, distinguishable chunks. Place them into a microwave-safe container. Be sure to add the above-mentioned vegetable shortening to the bowl at this stage.

Next, you’ll want to heat the chocolate evenly. You’ll need to microwave it for roughly 30 seconds at a time at about 30% power. Be sure to mix the chocolate between each interval. Once the chocolate is completely melted through, consistency looks good, and there are no more discernible clumps of chocolate, you’ll want to mix in the CBD oil tincture droplets. 

Place 4 droppers worth of CBD Tincture Oil into the melted chocolate while it’s still nice and warm. Mix very thoroughly. We recommend our Fresh Orange CBD Oil Tincture for a pop of natural citrus flavor. If you’ve ever had orange-infused chocolate, you know the wonderful taste we are talking about!

The Dip

Prepare your baking sheet with parchment paper so you’ll be ready for the dipping process. By using either chopsticks or tongs, begin by dipping each pretzel thoroughly into the mix we’ve just made. Be sure to swish the pretzel around just a little bit to get all angles and surfaces completely coated with the delicious CBD-infused melted chocolate. 

Gently remove each pretzel while giving your utensils a tap on the edge of the bowl to remove excess chocolate. Spread each chocolate-dipped pretzel out on the baking sheet evenly so they don’t stick together. This is where your toppings will come in. Lightly sprinkle each pretzel with a few flakes or bits of your favorite decoration. 

Lastly, you’ll take your finished baking sheet of decorated and dipped pretzels and pop them into your refrigerator for roughly 15 minutes. This way, the chocolate and decorations will firmly stick to each pretzel. After the 15 minutes are up, your CBD treats are ready to eat.

Take Time Out For Your Mental Health

These are great snacks for when you feel a little bit stressed because you’ll get the double benefit of the chocolate for your mental health, plus the CBD that may reduce stress and anxiety

We hope you enjoy your CBD chocolate-covered pretzels. It’s important to take time out of each day so you can support your mental health. Giving proper attention to your feelings is an extremely important part of natural wellness, integrated health, and of course, holistic healing.

A CBD treat may seem like something small, but it can make a big difference in your mood. Be sure to check out Danu’s selection of CBD Oil Tinctures for your next recipe. We recommend our Watermelon Mojito CBD Cocktail, Green CBD Smoothies, or our delectable CBD Brownies.

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