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March 6


Notable Women In CBD And Cannabis

By Harrison Payton

March 6, 2021

The Women Propelling The CBD Industry Forward

March is women’s history month, and we could think of no better opportunity to introduce a few women who are part of CBD’s history and are continuing to make history even now. Let’s take a look below at a few women making waves in the world of cannabidiol. 

A woman holds the leaves of a cannabis plant.
A woman holds the leaves of a cannabis plant.

Kimberly Dillon

This CBD pioneer has devoted years of her life to introducing cannabis and CBD to people for whom she believes it may benefit. Her mission is to convert attitudes in the community from hemp being associated with marijuana to that of natural wellness. Growing up in a household deeply connected to plant-based medicine, getting involved with CBD was a natural choice for her.

Tahira Rehmatullah

Women in the entrepreneurial world have statistically been given fewer opportunities throughout history. Tahira aims to change all that. Rehmatulla leads an organization that invests in women and minority-founded cannabis companies. She helps by mentoring budding women in the industry and believes that her work can help countless women better deal with anxiety through CBD. 

Christine Yi

As more CBD users began to experiment with including CBD in their cooking, Christine felt inspired to begin making ingredients that could be easily used in recipes without having to add hemp oil separately. She began offering CBD-infused products such as olive oil and honey — both excellent choices as they are commonly used ingredients in a huge variety of recipes. As an Asian-American, she recently started offering CBD-infused chili oil as a celebration of the culture. 

The Women Of Cannabis Who Paved The Way For CBD

Amy Margolis

Amy has been working for almost 20 years to help women succeed in the cannabis realm. As the founder of the Oregon Cannabis Association, she runs multiple initiatives and spaces where women can learn to thrive in the CBD and marijuana industry. With her nearly two decades of experience, she is truly one of the trailblazers in cannabis-based wellness.

Erica Freeman

For over 10 years Erica Freeman has been a champion of the cannabis industry. Her dispensary was the first in the state of Colorado to receive an official license from the Colorado Department of Revenue. Notably, since Colorado was the first state to legalize cannabis, it’s likely Erica’s business was the first in the entire country to be licensed. Her business’s success and her efforts to de-stigmatize cannabis have been invaluable toward changing viewpoints on not only THC, but CBD as well. 

Influential Women Who Support CBD

You may not always see CBD openly discussed on the news, but it’s worth noting that there is an ever-growing list of extremely influential women who use and support CBD. The sheer power and reach of their voices can help forward the wellness-focused message the cannabis industry has long championed. 

Melissa Etheridge

After struggling with chemo treatments in 2004, Melissa Etheridge found relief with CBD. She has expressed that CBD helps balance her GI system and that it keeps her calm when stress hits. She also strongly advocates for using cannabis medically, as digestion issues have been an ongoing issue since fighting off cancer. Melissa asserts that it’s helped tremendously with her symptoms. 

Martha Stewart

TV personality Martha Stewart, now even more famous for often collaborating with cannabis advocate Calvin Broadus Jr. (Snoop Dogg), began supporting CBD when she found massive relief through it. After using CBD patches and creams, she quickly recognized that CBD had a natural ability to ease her aching tendons. Now partnered with one of Canada’s largest cannabis companies, she has launched multiple CBD products. 

Whoopi Goldberg

Suffering from glaucoma, Whoopi Goldberg had long used rolled cannabis cigarettes to ease her discomfort. However when she gave up smoking that also included rolled marijuana cigarettes. After switching to alternatives forms of cannabis consumption, she’s become an outspoken advocate for its benefits and the wellness that it may bring. Since 2016 she’s operated a cannabis company. Whoopi continues to support CBD use among middle-aged women.

Jennifer Aniston

Another influential woman to join the ranks of the CBD-supporting world is none other than Jennifer Aniston. She has been outspoken about how CBD has supported her when she is feeling anxious or stressed out. Furthermore, she’s noted that being able to receive the potential benefits of cannabis while not feeling high was something she loves about CBD. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed Danu’s list of women changing the world of cannabis and CBD. Be sure to read the upcoming blogs we publish in March related to women in the CBD and natural wellness industry. If you’re ready to see what CBD may be right for you, be sure to check out our offerings.

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