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March 2


Plant-based Medicine, CBD, And Women’s Integrated Health

By Harrison Payton

March 2, 2021

Plant-based Medicine And Its Effects

Plant-based medicine ⁠— what is it? The term “plant-based” has become increasingly popular in the last decade as more health and environmentally conscious people decide to reduce or replace meat and animal products in their diets. Just as plant-based foods are beginning to spread across the globe as a healthy and natural alternative, plant-based medicine is gaining in popularity as well. Many of the most widely used modern medicines were originally based on compounds found naturally in plants.

Regardless of country or region, people have been using plants as medicine since ancient times. Some records show that there is evidence Neanderthals used herbs like chamomile to stay calm and reduce stress. Throughout the ages humans have continued to use plants as a natural means of treating one another.

Is CBD A Plant-based Medicine?

CBD, also known by its formal name cannabidiol, is a terpene derived from the hemp plant. While this terpene is just one of many terpenes found in the hemp plant, CBD is most definitely a form of plant-based medicine

As opposed to some of the harsh pain-killers, mood-boosters, and anti-anxiety medications out there, the hemp-derived CBD works by potentially helping your body naturally. It does this by influencing your CB1 and CB2 receptors that belong to your endocannabinoid system. Your endocannabinoid system is responsible for managing and maintaining balance in hundreds of systems across your entire body. 

A family relaxes with CBD in the great outdoors.
A family relaxes with CBD in the great outdoors.

How And Why They Matter To Women’s Integrated Health

Integrated Health, sometimes called integrated wellness, is a system of treatment that looks at finding out how to heal the whole you. Modern and Western medicine tends to focus on treating the symptom of one problem area, rather than looking at the whole system. 

Integrated health aims to treat and boost your body’s natural healing capabilities by supporting it from a variety of aspects. These can include treating mental health, boosting your body’s homeostasis, and improving your nutrition. Naturopaths and herbalists follow similar paths, in that they want to help the entire body and all its systems achieve a better state of wellness. 

The wonderful thing about so many plant-based medicines is that they are minimally processed, meaning you’re getting closer to what nature produced, without all the artificial chemicals and preservatives. Danu wants you to feel better through natural means, and by consuming plant-based medicines and natural healing herbs, you’re doing your body good ⁠⁠⁠⁠— the natural way. 

A key component to women’s integrated health is balancing their body’s function which regulates the health of their skin, sleep, mood, and so much more. One aspect of this regulation is called homeostasis, or the body’s ability to balance its systems. Particularly, it refers to the body’s function of keeping a constant and stable internal temperature. 

Some research indicates that CBD may improve gut health by reducing inflammation due to its anti-inflammatory properties. When your gut is in a better state of health, your gut-brain and brain can work better together to achieve an improved state of homeostasis. By working with an integrated health specialist and making CBD a part of your daily routine, you’re taking the first steps towards natural health and wellness.

Healing Holistically Is Key To Our Mission

Danu promotes a community that embraces plant-based medicine and overall wellness. Through our CBD products, blogs, and other educational resources, we aim to promote a culture centered around helping others with holistic healing. We encourage our readers toward natural paths to wellness with plant-based medicine, CBD products, herbalism, and functional nutrition information.

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