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February 26


Natural Paths To Wellness — CBD Blog Roundup

By Harrison Payton

February 26, 2021

Natural Paths To Wellness And CBD

Natural paths to wellness and CBD may have more in common than previously thought. You may find wellness through a variety of means such as working with an herbalist, naturopath, integrated health specialist, or a functional nutrition specialist. You may take a daily dose of CBD to help potentially keep your mind, body, and even gut health in balance. Whether it be one, the other, or both of these ways to balance yourself, we’ve rounded up our top 4 blogs which we believe may be the most helpful. Join us below as we introduce you to the benefits of CBD and some other natural paths to wellness.  

Our Top 4 Most Helpful Blogs On CBD

Ways You Can Use CBD

In one of our earlier blogs, we begin to discuss just how many different options you have when it comes to CBD consumption and applications. In this blog, we discuss how CBD is used commonly for pain relief. Its strong anti-inflammatory properties may make it a great alternative to constantly using over-the-counter and prescription medications. Some of these can be quite hard on your liver and other organs. We also dive into how CBD can be consumed or applied. The primary methods people use when applying CBD for joint pain are topical creams and salves. In addition to possibly helping with skin issues, CBD may also lessen anxiety and depression symptoms. Read the whole blog here.

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CBD May Help With Anxiety And Depression Symptoms.

Biggest CBD Myths

As with many new forms of wellness and natural health products, CBD doesn’t have some people quite convinced yet. There is also a good deal of misleading and negative misinformation floating around. In this blog, we dive deeper into some of the biggest myths and why they simply aren’t true. The first myth is that CBD can get you high. Danu offers only THC-free broad-spectrum CBD products, but even a full-spectrum CBD has less than 0.3% THC content. This means it’s virtually impossible or at least extremely unlikely that someone using CBD would feel any difference at all. 

The next biggest myth is that quality doesn’t matter when it comes to CBD. This could not be further from the truth. There have been multiple 3rd party labs and news outlets that have tested CBD and found many brands to be low-quality, impure, or containing potentially harmful amounts of heavy metals. Danu has a 3rd party lab test all of our CBD products for safety, purity, and potency. 

The last myth that we discuss in this blog is that CBD will provide instant results. This simply isn’t the case. It can vary greatly for each person and it often needs time to accumulate in your body before you may begin to experience mental or physical benefits. Check for more details on these myths here.

Practicing Mindfulness With CBD

In today’s stressful and fast-paced society, it’s no wonder more and more individuals are looking to find a sense of renewed peace and calm. Both using CBD and practicing mindfulness may greatly benefit your state of overall wellness, but especially your mental health. 

Taking brief pauses throughout your day to notice how you are feeling is an excellent way to start finding a renewed sense of peace and quiet. Read the full blog here to find out how CBD and mindfulness may be the perfect combination for resetting your stress levels and reducing the “noise” of everyday life. 

Natural Wellness And CBD — A Cure For Burnout?

Along the lines of finding peace and lowering stress levels, our next blog recommendation covers how natural wellness practices and CBD can possibly provide some relief. We begin by discussing what natural wellness means to each individual and talking about the 8 main aspects of wellness.

If you’ve been having trouble setting proper boundaries with work or family, we go into detail about how you can set and maintain some ground rules for your mental health. By listing a few ways you can improve or gain a positive mindset, we aim to help provide tools that may reduce burnout. CBD can be worked into your natural wellness plan easily and it may offer a strong supporting role in helping you get back on track with mental health. Check the full blog here

Join Our Community As We Release Weekly Natural Wellness  And CBD Blogs

As we continue to release blogs with the latest information and tips for natural wellness, we hope you join us in reading them. One of our goals at Danu is to create a community of individuals who want to start feeling better the natural way.

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