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November 27


CBD For Seniors

By Harrison Payton

November 27, 2020

Wellness: Beyond The Stigma Of CBD

For years, even after being legalized, cannabis and hemp products have held a stigma. This stigma is understandable, as the two have not always been legal to produce or consume. However, times are changing for both cannabis and hemp products such as CBD, or cannabidiol.

Recent studies have shown that cannabis use has been increasing across the nation year over year. In fact, 94% of Americans have expressed support for legal access to Danu CBD for seniorsmedical cannabis. What does this have to do with CBD? In many respects, CBD is similar to its “older brother” cannabis. The primary difference between marijuana oil and CBD is that there is no THC in CBD, particularly broad-spectrum CBD. 

As the acceptance of cannabis-related products widens over time, it can be expected that interest and use of CBD products will only increase. This may be particularly true because of the reduced risk of using CBD products when compared with using cannabis. Take a look below as we dive into how CBD may be an excellent alternative treatment option for some seniors.

Potential Relief For Chronic Joint And Muscle Pain

As our bodies naturally age, our joints tend to grow less flexible and often more painful. One of the primary reasons many people use topical CBD Sports Creams and CBD Salves is because it allows you to penetrate the area of pain or discomfort directly. While many other forms of CBD are great ways to treat whole-body issues, sometimes CBD users prefer to go right to the source by applying CBD to the skin above the troubled joint or muscle.  Before using CBD products, it’s always a great idea to go over some CBD safety tips

An excellent added benefit of using CBD topicals is that it is far less likely to cause interactions or interferences with other medications. This is because the CBD has a much harder time finding its way into the bloodstream, and ultimately your kidneys and liver. It is estimated that up to 85% of seniors consume at least one form of prescription medication, so less interference with those medications is only a good thing in the case of topicals.

Increasing Your Exercise With CBD

The benefit of using CBD regularly for aches and pain relief goes beyond just that. With the increased mobility brought about by less pain, you may find yourself more eager to stay active. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD make it perfect for not only potentially helping with existing pain, but allowing you to be more active. Imagine being able to increase your weekly workout with increasing pain. Learn about Setting Healthy Boundaries For Exercise And Wellness in our blog here!

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A Trusted And Quality CBD Apothecary

As we grow older in life, it’s important to stay well both mentally and physically. This means doing activities and consuming things that make our body and soul feel right. With all of Danu Apothecary’s products, we can assure you we use only the highest-quality CBD oils from trustworthy sources. We wouldn’t consume anything or have you consume it unless we were completely satisfied with the quality of our CBD. Check out our full selection of CBD Topicals, CBD Tinctures, Gummies, and Softgels today!

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